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Ugly Encounter at a “T” Intersection in Australia

by tod
One afternoon as I varied my route from work at IBM, taking a different road to my motel, I came upon a T intersection, with my road ending at the cross street.  On approach, one lane became two:  One for turning left, the other, right.

In front of me was a car straddling both lanes, making it impossible for me or several other cars behind me to make a free left turn on the red light.  The driver behind me began to honk his horn (or “hoot his hooter” in local vernacular).

July 1986
 This upset the driver in front of me and he and his passenger got out of their car and headed right for me, thinking I was the one responsible for honking.  I quickly rolled up my window and locked the door, but I needn’t have worried as four boys in the car behind me piled out shouting some rather colorful language and were ready to fight.

The lads from the lane-straddling car quickly revised their plans and strategically withdrew to their own car and burned rubber getting out of there.

After the excitement, I made my left turn and drove to my motel, noting to myself to avoid this route in the future.

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