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by Scruffy
The following comment thread began in comments relating to a post about the hunk of junk Ken Ham calls a replica of Noah’s Ark.

[comment]:  I’ll only be truly impressed by a “replica” ark if someone actually makes one out of nothing but hand-hewn timber! Something like that, regardless of the motivation, would be craftsmanship and hard work worthy of respect. Anything else is just another pile of junk.

Timber? Don’t you mean Gopher wood?

Might be a problem I don’t think they sell gopher wood at Home Depot.

Maybe you can get it on a special order [at Home Cheapo]? I mean, has anyone tried?

One would ‘go»for’ wood at Home Depot…

Personally, I’d rather gopher a beer. Anyone want to ride along?

Sorry, didn’t see this until after my beery lunch; I’ll still go for a beer.

Let’s gopher it already! The weekend calls!

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